Now Accepting Applications For Lifeguards and Bids

We are now accepting applications for Lifeguards for the 2017 Pool season.
Please email the pool at:

We are also accepting bids for some general upgrades that will be made around the pool. Please email us if you would like more information. You must be a licensed to work in PA.

Please email the pool at:

End Of Season Hours

End of Season Hours:

We will be closed during the week, but open on the weekends.

Saturday August 27th 11am-9pm
Sunday August 28th 12 pm- 8pm

Saturday Sept 2 11am-9pm
Sunday Sept 3 12-9pm
Monday (Labor Day*) 11am- 8pm

*The last day for the pool to open for the season will be Labor Day. 

Behavior and Consequences & Guest Rules

Do not talk to the lifeguards in the chair.
 It is a distraction and is not allowed. 
You will be issued a warning if this occurs.

As a friendly reminder, please make sure your children are following all of the pool rules. If the rules are being broken the following consequences will take place. 

Consequences of Bad Behavior: 
1.         Warning
2.         Sit Out (guard’s discretion for the time frame)

3.         Asked to leave the pool – (Phone Call Home)                                                                                                       When asked to leave 3 Times, you will not be allowed back in without parent for the rest of the season.

Consequences of vandalism: is to pay for the damaged property. (If guests are involved, then guest privileges can be revoked.)

Guest Policy(non deed holders living in the house) Only two guests per non-deed holding member can be let in the pool. (example 14 year old and 2 friends that are guests)  The deed holder (name on deed) on the can bring in as many as the would like to pay for.