Summer 2017

We are no longer accepting applications for lifeguards and office workers.

We are still accepting applications for the Pool Manager.

Now Taking applications for Summer 2017

We are now taking applications for the Summer 2017 Staff. We are hiring the following:

Pool Manager

Pool Manager Job Description: 
·             Handle Interviews of new employees
·             Handle communication with all employees (i.e. returning letters, mandatory dates and times, etc.)
·             Manage/lead staff
·             Help maintain the pool website.
·             Check and answer emails daily.
·             Handle and answer phone calls. 
·             Scheduling of employees
·             Handle opening procedures (making and/or printing):
·            Order all equipment needed for beginning of the year (lifeguard tubes, masks, etc.)
·             Order, pick up, and keep in stock all supplies from Johnnies (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning            supplies, etc.)
·             Buy new supplies every year (i.e. sand toys, balls, soap, etc.)
·             Keeping up with documents, records, and state regulations:
·             Training
        Keep up with all my certifications:
·             Attend board meetings throughout the year to understand the board’s wants and relay that to the staff.  Keep a clear and open line of communication between the board and myself to make sure we are best serving the members. 
·        Handling member’s concerns and problems on a daily basis.
·             Relating to members in a polite and respectful manner.
·             Keeping the pool and property a clean and safe environment.
·             Help maintain and clean the pool.
·             Handling office procedures
·      Make sure equipment and other pool devices are not expired (AED, backboard, etc.)
·             Handle and organize monthly in-service trainings to maintain the best possible lifeguards and keep their skills fresh.
·             Making and printing signs for the pool.
·             Keeping track of cost analysis of all our programs at the end of the season to reflect and to see which ones were profitable and should continue.  Also, thinking of new ways to improve and enhance the programs we already offer. 
·             Handling staffing and employee concerns or problems.
·             Ensure lifeguards are diligent and assertive in their job to help prevent any injuries.
·             Handling the firing of employees if needed and board approved (twice so far).
·             Organizing and planning the closing of the pool (Closing Day).
·             Bringing to the board who we would like to see rehired for the following year and who we would not like to ask back.  Also, sending the letters out to the employees.
·             Knowledge of pool chemicals and operations (i.e. membership selling, buying, rules, and regulations).
·             Work closely with the board secretary and treasurer to be aware of the deed transfers, selling and buying of new memberships, cash control ledgers, guest pass books, etc.
·             Work closely with the board president.
·             Needs to be organized and responsible.

 Interested Applicants should email a resume with two professional references and one personal reference to: by January 1, 2017

We will start interviewing in January 2017.

Now Accepting Applications For Lifeguards and Bids

We are now accepting applications for Lifeguards for the 2017 Pool season.
Please email the pool at:

We are also accepting bids for some general upgrades that will be made around the pool. Please email us if you would like more information. You must be a licensed to work in PA.

Please email the pool at:

End Of Season Hours

End of Season Hours:

We will be closed during the week, but open on the weekends.

Saturday August 27th 11am-9pm
Sunday August 28th 12 pm- 8pm

Saturday Sept 2 11am-9pm
Sunday Sept 3 12-9pm
Monday (Labor Day*) 11am- 8pm

*The last day for the pool to open for the season will be Labor Day. 

Behavior and Consequences & Guest Rules

Do not talk to the lifeguards in the chair.
 It is a distraction and is not allowed. 
You will be issued a warning if this occurs.

As a friendly reminder, please make sure your children are following all of the pool rules. If the rules are being broken the following consequences will take place. 

Consequences of Bad Behavior: 
1.         Warning
2.         Sit Out (guard’s discretion for the time frame)

3.         Asked to leave the pool – (Phone Call Home)                                                                                                       When asked to leave 3 Times, you will not be allowed back in without parent for the rest of the season.

Consequences of vandalism: is to pay for the damaged property. (If guests are involved, then guest privileges can be revoked.)

Guest Policy(non deed holders living in the house) Only two guests per non-deed holding member can be let in the pool. (example 14 year old and 2 friends that are guests)  The deed holder (name on deed) on the can bring in as many as the would like to pay for.