Stingray Movie Night

Friday night the stingrays will be holding another swim night! Come out and have some fun 
from 9-11pm (ish)  The cost to swim per family is:
Swim Team Family $10.00
MSSC Family $12.00
Non-Member Family $15.00

We will also be showing a movie complementary from our sponsors! Please be sure to stop by and enjoy the fun. Please call the pool for more information on the title of the movie.

Behavior and Consequences & Guest Rules

Do not talk to the lifeguards in the chair.
 It is a distraction and is not allowed. 
You will be issued a warning if this occurs.

As a friendly reminder, please make sure your children are following all of the pool rules. If the rules are being broken the following consequences will take place. 

Consequences of Bad Behavior: 
1.         Warning
2.         Sit Out (guard’s discretion for the time frame)

3.         Asked to leave the pool – (Phone Call Home)                                                                                                       When asked to leave 3 Times, you will not be allowed back in without parent for the rest of the season.

Consequences of vandalism: is to pay for the damaged property. (If guests are involved, then guest privileges can be revoked.)

Guest Policy(non deed holders living in the house) Only two guests per non-deed holding member can be let in the pool. (example 14 year old and 2 friends that are guests)  The deed holder (name on deed) on the can bring in as many as the would like to pay for.